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DOGMAN3: Fight to the Finish the third and final chapter of our fun and exciting movie trilogy had been scheduled for filming in Benzie County, Michigan for the fall of 2022.


However, since the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) continues to hold onto their rigid COVID protocols which create expensive and logistical complications for our project, we have no choice but to postpone the filming until such time as they relax their demands.

We are of course disappointed because our cast, crew and the entire Benzie community has been so supportive. We are blessed that everyone is standing ready when the time comes to throw the switch and tell the story of DOGMAN3!!! 

Both of the previous feature films deliberately left cliffhanger questions unanswered, according to Brauer, “Now it’s time to bring exciting closure to the series”.  Brauer adds “This film will be scary and fun, family-friendly and is surprisingly redemptive”. 


The original primary cast, including Larry Joe Campbell, Kimberly Guerrero, and Stacie Mitchell is eager to reprise their roles, all come from Los Angeles. The balance of the professional cast hail from Michigan. 


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Crew members, Melanie and Walt, working on one of the animatronic Dogman heads.