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Northern Michigan’s natural beauty and remote character are why we live in Traverse City.  The closest video production rental house is a couple hundred miles away however.  So that’s also why we own a large inventory of film & video production gear.   We take pride in maintaining our equipment and have confidence in knowing everything is good to go every time we roll out the trucks.

30’ Customized Support Trailer

what's inside?

5 Ton Grip/Electric Truck
what's inside?
Studio & Camera Equipment
Full list of available equipment

Want to capture better audio?

Want to capture BETTER AUDIO when shooting video in a moving vehicle?


Invented by Rich Brauer & brought to fruition by Matthews Studio Equipment


Operating in this area since 1977 has required a certain amount of ingenuity and self-sufficiency.  Even more important than the gear is our experience. We've been at it long enough to know what works and what doesn't.   

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