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The D.J. on WalLaker Hill

Richard Brauer © 2023


It’s Christmas eve, 1963, and a winter storm rages outside. The small wilderness AM radio station does what it can to entertain and inform its listeners who live across the vast reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The station’s only staff on this particular night is JOHNNY, who really just wants to put in his time and finish his shift at midnight.


But things change when he gets a visit from the telephone repairman and senses that there might be something else to this man.  In any case, he really doesn’t care one way or another and tries his best to ignore him. The problem however, is that the man won’t leave.   


The drama that follows, contained within the cramped walls of this remote cement block structure, unravels the challenge that making the distinction between citizen and criminal can be a difficult and perhaps impossible task.  


Johnny gets more for Christmas than he bargained for.

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