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Frozen Stupid

From the guy who shot Escanaba in the Moonlight, comes a new comedy about ice fishing... 

Production still from Frozen Stupid

Frozen Stupid



   It’s a Saturday, on a snowy midwestern winter landscape, and Tony Norgard
(Joey Albright; Escanaba in da Moonlight, Barn Red) really wants to go ice fishing.
But he is pressured to attend his mother-in-law’s birthday party on the same day.
To solve the dilemma, Tony feigns being ill and stays in bed. While his little
white lie allows him the chance for a secret outing, it comes with a heavy price.
Through the day, misfortune seems to meet him at every turn.

   When he meets up with his dad Frank (Ernest Borgnine; Marty, Poseidon Adventure,
Dirty Dozen), things get worse. Tony’s lie seems to have put a curse on what
should otherwise have been a simple day of fishing for everyone. Unaware of the
charade, Tony’s wife Lila (Michelle Mountain; Super Sucker, Barn Red)
happily goes about her day, sorry that her husband is at home,
sick in bed, missing a great weekend of family fun.

   Tony befriends the spirited and very independent Stormy,
(Kimberly Norris Guerrero;Hidalgo, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure, Barn Red),
a beautiful, yet rugged ice fisherwoman. Stormy becomes one of the many
unusual characters Tony meets in this frozen lake community of anglers.
Through it all, even Tony is dwarfed by the magnitude of his compounding troubles.
But he is an optimistic man and in his own way tries to put the best spin on the
mess he has created. With hopeful confidence, Lila somehow manages to see past
his ice-fishing antics. She remembers the honorable man she married,
and armed with large amounts of grace, remains supportive.

   This comedy tells the tale of a cantankerous father and his bumbling but
well-meaning son who share a joyous obsession for the age old art of ice fishing.


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