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2012 Brauer Productions

Dvd dogman questar.webp



   Hanklin Purvis enjoys the outdoors, and he loves to hunt. He and his wife Dorothy live on a family farm in the rural Midwest.


   For some reason, during the season before autumn, things start happening. Chickens go missing, things get stolen from his barn and then the attacks start. The first victims are family pets, then wild animals. But it’s not until people are injured that the police get involved.


   The attacker is not human, that’s for sure and it needs to be stopped.


   Then they discover that the wounds have a deadly bacteria and the clock starts ticking for those infected.


   Enter Hanklin's neighbor, Francis Wellman, a Native American who believes she has discovered an ancient antidote. But can she get it in time to save the victims?


And will they ever find the perpetrator of these horrifying attacks?



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