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Haven't seen the original film?  Don't fear!  You can stream online or order a DVD!  See below


Frozen Stupid 2 has won at Cannes Independent Film Festival,

Chicago Indie Film Festival, Toronto Indie Film Festival and

received the Audience Choice award at the Soo Film Festival,

and was an Official Selection at the LA Woman’s Indie Film Fest.

We couldn't be more humbled and thrilled!

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Frozen Stupid trailer

Frozen Stupid 2 trailer

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Behind-The-Scenes of the filming of Frozen Stupid 2

           That's a WRAP!

Frozen Stupid2:Open Water - now available on DVD or streaming


Frozen Stupid2:Open Water is a feature-length motion picture based on an original screenplay written by Rich Brauer. It is a sequel to the original film also written and directed by Rich Brauer.


Most of the original professional cast and crew returned. These included 9 SAG performers coming in from as far away as Los Angeles. Professional champion walleye fisherman Mark Martin appears as… Mark Martin!


Brauer’s feature films offer intern positions on the crew for emerging film students interested in pursuing filmmaking as a career. This gives a rare opportunity for the next generation of technicians and artists to work on a real film, with real actors. Since the Michigan Film Incentive no longer exists, these young and enthusiastic individuals appreciate this as a special and unique chance to pursue their personal artistic growth.


Many organizations and individuals in Michigan were excited about the return of our crew and the creation of this film. Among them; Roscommon EDC, the Roscommon Tourism Bureau, and the Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, local tackle shop Lyman’s on the Lake (who sold almost 2,000 DVD’s of the first film) and many other businesses participated in the fun.   


Frozen Stupid2:Open Water is Brauer’s 9th feature film produced in Michigan.


Filming took place in September 2019 in Roscommon County. 

Watch the original Frozen Stupid movie trailer below


What are the Movies about?

In the original film, FROZEN STUPID, all Tony Norgard (Joey Albright; Escanaba in da Moonlight, Barn Red) really wanted to do, was go ice fishing. But he was supposed to attend his mother-in-law’s birthday party on the same day. To solve the dilemma, Tony feigns being ill and stays in bed. While his little white lie allows him the chance for a secret outing, it comes with a heavy price. Through the day, misfortune seems to meet him at every turn. He wrecks his wife’s sports car, losses his truck through thin ice and gets in a fist fight with a six foot pike.


When he meets up with his dad Frank, (Ernest Borgnine; Marty, Poseidon Adventure, Dirty Dozen), things get worse. Turns out the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.


Through it all, even Tony is dwarfed by the magnitude of his compounding troubles. But he is an optimistic man and in his own way tries to put the best spin on the mess he has created, all the while enjoying his obsession for the age old art of ice fishing.


Now comes FROZEN STUPID2:Open Water.


The ice is now long gone. Tony Norgard’s submerged vehicle is finally getting pulled out of the beautifully warm blue water of Houghton Lake. His joyous moment however, is shattered when he is handed a big DNR fine for leaving it in the water so long. He has two weeks to pay.


Tony now needs to find some cash fast and it would be even better if his wife Lila didn’t necessarily hear about it. Especially since he secretly hocked her great grandmothers heirloom painting to pay the tow truck guy.


Then the perfect thing happens, he hears about a fishing tournament in town with a juicy cash prize that very weekend. His financial problems, at least for now, could be over. He confidently enters.


As with Tony’s normal luck, it turns out Saturday is also the same day as his wedding anniversary.


No problem. He figures that he can wrap up the tournament and get cleaned up and off to dinner with his wife with plenty of time to spare.


So he and buddies resurrect his dad’s old 1960’s boat rigged with an ancient beat up Scott-Atwater outboard, CB radio, fish finder and other vintage equipment of the day. They do their best cleaning it up for the big event. They have high hopes.


Not surprising, the other powerful and modern boats in the competition outflank them on every level. The contest might be tougher than they expected. But Tony and friends use their keen intuition, sharp mechanical skills and knowledge of the lake as their best resource. Yes, that’s sarcasm.


As in the original film Frozen Stupid, Tony stays ever buoyant, against all odds, postponing trouble, being a friend, and trying to make the best of what life throws at him.

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